Testimonials - Partner NGOs

I am really inspired by the collaboration between MWB and VAAFD that has created this opportunity for our students in Liberia to have access to ITC education through these wonderful mentors. Liberia is a country where young people do not have the opportunity to easily enroll in an ITC institution due to the cost attached that their families cannot afford.

Our praises go to the mentors who continue to provide their time, knowledge, skills, and guardianship to the students. I feel so much indebted to all of the mentors, they are really amazing. Your mentors are playing a key role in the life of young people by sharing your knowledge, ideas, experience, and skills that will give future opportunities. I am so proud of you, and I appreciate all of the hard work you continue to do for our students, our future leaders, nations, and our world.

You are making a difference and be proud of yourselves that you are building lives and reducing poverty around the world. Many of our students had a dream of acquiring ITC skills and knowledge as their lifetime career but could not afford the cost, but today it’s like a dream come true with the help of MWB to these students. We are thankful to MWB and all of the mentors, and I hope that other mentors will come onboard with their skills and knowledge to help the thousands of students who have a desire to acquire these skills but have no financial support to bring their dreams to pass.

We are an education-to-employment bridge program and our main goal is to ensure our scholars are equipped to easily integrate in the job market. The MWB mentors are guiding EFAC scholars on understanding themselves with the ability to set both professional and personal goals and pursue them. As a result of the mentoring, they are able to know their industry requirements and align themselves for success. I envision this collaborative mentorship program evolving to the point where the scholars are designing their own professions.

Mary Kiguru
- Country Director at Education for All Children Kenya

Edmond from MWB is very passionate and mission driven, and it has been such a pleasure partnering with MWB. The mentorship experience has not only enabled our beneficiaries to hone their tech skills, but also widened their horizons through MWB's international group of mentors.

Janine Teo
- CEO at Solve Education!

We have only recently started the mentoring program with MWB, but so far it's going great. The mentees seem to make progress, and there is a good communication with the MWB team and frequent status updates from the MWB mentors. Can't wait to see the medium to long-term results of this mentoring approach!

Jan-Marten Veddeler
- Co-Founder at Learning Lions

The collaboration with MWB is great. It gave our partners and volunteers the opportunity to learn programming at no cost and this is really a great advancement to their career as Nigeria is becoming a technology driven economy. Their overall feedback is excellent, most of them are now practicing what they are being taught, this is a great development for SI4DEV because it is part of our core values to empower youths.

It will be great for the MWB mentors to help more students in SI4DEV. We are really excited on the overall feedback from our partners and volunteers and hope to engage more students to be part of it. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Patricia Okolo
- Operations/Publicity Manager at SI4DEV Nigeria

We are thrilled to have Mentors Without Borders providing our students and youth with the opportunity to learn to code from a mentor. Our communities lack professionals with skills like programming, so this is a unique opportunity for some of our most talented students to both learn to code and be exposed to the unlimited world that it unlocks. Our deepest thanks to Mentors Without Borders, its mentors and everyone who supports them.

Jim McKeown
- Co-Founder & Managing Director at Masinyusane